Awakened in a spaceship, you control a robot through 25 timed trial rooms of increasing difficulty.

To help you in your task you can deploy force fields that amplify or reduce the effects of the forces applied to the objects they touch.
The player can then jump higher and further while manipulating objects to his advantage.

In addition to its story mode, the game also includes a competitive mode in which players can replay the levels they unlocked to climb the online rankings and become the best player !




Created In early 2016 by three French students, Impulsion was initially a masters degree project. But as we were motivated and wanted to push the project as far as possible, we decided to give it all we could, and try to release it. After an early prototype that was too puzzle oriented, we decided to go for a more fast-paced gameplay. Easy to learn, hard to master was then the motto. We therefore went for a first person platformer needing skill and reflexes.

The game is now very fast, requires a large set of skills, from reflexes to fast thinking. It's truly made for any player looking for a challenge, and with a competitive spirit.



Ping Awargs 2017

Best Student Game - Winner
Paris, November 3, 2017

Game Awards 2017

Best Student Game - Nominee
Los Angeles, December 7, 2017

BIG Festival 2018

Best Student Game - Nominee
Sao Paulo, July 1, 2018


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